A+G Healthcare a leading manufacturer and supplier of personal protective equipment and disposable non woven protective productsto the healthcare industry for over 12 years. A+G Healthcare is a, respected partnersupplyingnon woven bed sheets, privacy gownsand3 play disposable Face Mask to the leading wholesalers with in the medical and aged care centres in Australia and New Zealand.
We are committed to excellence and sustainability, driven by innovation and technology our team is committed to the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

Our Masks

Protect yourself adequately.
Not all three-ply masks come equal. It is important that you get quality protective masks with the appropriate filtration level to protect yourself and your loved ones in this unprecedented times we are in. Our masks are ISO13485:2016 and EN14683:2019 certified and come with a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of ‚Č• 99% and Fluid Resistance of 120mmHg.

Our Bed Sheets

AG Healthcare disposable non-woven products are currently used by healthcare facilities around Australia and are designed to replace or compliment your reusable linen in a healthcare environment. It is best suited for high turnover areas along with imaging and medical centres.